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Revolution Pi - IPC

KUNBUS has developed an industrial PC based on the Raspberry Pi compute module that consists of open hardware and software, which complies with the standard EN61131-2. Thanks to the modular design, the Revolution Pi can be expanded according to customer requirements by digital or analogue I/O modules as well as by appropriate fieldbus gateways for connecting to an industrial network. Installed in a DIN rail housing, the base module of the Revolution Pi already has USB, Ethernet and HDMI connections. The base modules and expansion modules are supplied with 24 Volts that is standard in the industry. Besides disclosing the circuit diagrams, KUNBUS is rigorously pursuing the Open Source concept with the software. The well-known Raspbian operating system from Raspberry Pi including the drivers for the expansion modules are preinstalled at the factory. The use of Raspbian ensures that basically any software or application that runs on a Raspberry Pi runs on the Revolution Pi, too. Full root access allows custom programs to be programmed and executed without any restrictions. Through cooperation with various software manufacturers, KUNBUS provides inexpensive and powerful control and SCADA software for users that prefer ready-made software solutions. As a result, Revolution Pi can be developed into an industrially viable small control system.