Burkhardt Energy GmbH

Desk 51

1978 Gerhard Burkhardt establishes the company for heating, ventilation and plumbing. 2004 Research regarding the use of wood gas and vegetable oil as renewable energies. 2008 Starting series-production of wood gasifier and wood gas CHPs. 2017 More than 160 wood-gas-plants all over the world. 2019 More than 240 wood-gas-plants all over the world.

Prodotti e soluzioni in vetrina

- new wood gasifier projects
- more than 240 wood gas plants all over the world
- cogeneration with natural gas

foto Burkhardt Energy GmbH

Settori Merceologici:

  • Biomasse
  • Cogenerazione
  • Efficienza energetica
  • Elettrotecnica