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LU-VE Group is one of the major manufacturers in the world in the air heat exchanger field: refrigeration (commercial and industrial); process cooling for industrial applications and power generation; air conditioning (civil, industrial and close control); glass doors and closing systems for refrigerated counters and cabinets. Over 3,000 qualified people and; 16 plants (Italy, China, Czech Rep., Finland, India, Poland, Russia, Sweden & USA. Turnover €420.7 million (pro-forma 2018).

Featured products and solutions

Radiators, Dry Coolers & Condensers for various applications:
Power plants, Engine cooling, Industrial Processes, Gas compressors, Waste to Energy, Cogeneration-Trigeneration.

EMERITUS®, The Hybrid Heat exchangers Cooling equipment that combines spray function with adiabatic pre-cooling: the new alternatives to cooling towers with great power and water consumption reduction.

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Industry sectors:

  • Biogas
  • Biomass
  • Cogeneration
  • Solar Thermal