• Another success for mcTER

  • Over 1,100 qualified delegates

  • See you on October 23-24 in Verona

mcTER Cogenerazione - Conference and Exhibition on Applications of Cogeneration is an event, now in its twenty-seventh edition, which combines an exhibition with vocational training for professional qualification.

Qualified delegates have access to:

  • An exhibition with industry leaders
  • A rich agenda of conferences and workshops
  • Free coffee-break and buffet
  • All proceedings to be downloaded after the event
  • Credits and certificates of attendance

Featured in the previuous edition

Cadmatic Italy

NovitÓ di prodotto:
CADMATIC offers dedicated, high-performance tools for the design of process-intensive industrial plants, covering all design phases and disciplines. CADMATIC Plant also includes tools and solutions for engineering project review and communication, as well as digital twins for asset lifecycle management.
logo Cadmatic Italy

Viale Enrico Forlanini, 23
20134 - Milano (MI)

gianluca.ricozzi@cadmatic.com  -  http://www.cadmatic.com/

foto Cadmatic Italy
CADMATIC is a leading developer of digital and intelligent 3D-based design, engineering and information management software solutions for the marine and plant industries. Our solutions are used for all kinds of ship, offshore and process plant constructions, ranging from luxury yachts to the biggest cruise vessels and offshore platforms in the world, and from food and pharmaceutical projects to the biggest power, chemical, oil & gas and pulp & paper projects.

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